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Essex Met Fixture List 15-16

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Training W/C 16.02.15

There is no training this week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

See you all next week

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Trial Forms & dates for your diary

Trial forms & fixture list have now been emailed.  Please let me know if you didn’t get one so I can add you to my mailing list.

You can also download the forms form here or New Cambell group page on Facebook.

New Cambell 2013- 14 trial form

Overall Calender

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Prem & Regional take the win both by 1 Goal !!!

Sunday saw both the Prem & Regional teams with important “must win” fixtures.

First to play was the Prem side against Oaksway who had travelled from Hartlepool.  The home side was slow to get off the mark & saw themselves 4 goals down in the first few minutes.  Although the team worked hard they were unable to pull back the goals so with Becky Trippick calling time for injury, with 5 minutes left of the quarter, Jillean & Tracey took the opportunity to move the team around & bring on Lynsey Armitage.  This seemed to unsettle Oaksway and the team began to convert the brilliant turnovers created by the circle defence of Clare Higham & Lindsay Keable.

At half time we had the luxury of bringing on fresh legs with Rose Morgan-Smith, coming on at C, & Katie Tulloch at WD. 

It took a while for the team to settle but once they realised the tactics of possession & short sharp passing worked they began to claw back the goals & found themselves 3 goals up with only minutes to go.  Oaksway then had a turnover & scored, then after scoring off their next centre pass we were 1 goal up with seconds to go.  There was tears of joy on the bench, mentioning no names Jillean !!! hehe 

Welcome back Gemma Cosentino, first game back & lasted a full game !!!

Team: Rochelle Rhodes, Gemma Cosentino, Holly Minnie, Becky Trippick, Michelle Drayne, Clare Higham, Linsday Keable, Lynsey Armitage, Rose Morgan-Smith, Katie Tulloch, Ophelia Dunbar, Sarah Taaffe  (thanks to those that didn’t get to play, your support was second to none)

It was then a mad dash from Hornchurch to Redbridge for some of the regional players who had supported the Prem Squad.  The Regional team now had Marshalls to play in a re-arranged game from December.

The game was goal for goal the whole way. Marshalls had drafted in a 6ft GS who used her height asking for the over ball constantly, but due to some brilliant defending & team work of Linda Bertolissio & Charlene Ponteen they turned the ball over at crucial times to keep us in the game.  That paired with Leigh-Anne Tylers fantastic shooting gave us the belief we needed to keep fighting.

Half time saw a few changes, Mary-Ann Ramsey came off with her feet black & blue from being trampled on the previous day, Waimarie Marks went to WD & Tracey Daly came on at WA.  The attack seemed to step up a gear & we found ourselves a couple of goals up at one point. But ended the 3rd qtr level.

Emma, who had spent majority of her time on the floor at GA, was then unable to continue the last qrt due to a badly bruised hand, so the only option was for Tracey Daly to go to GA.  Wai was moved back to WA & Mary Ann came back on at WD. The team worked their socks off and with seconds to go found themselves level with possession of the ball.  The ball was passed to Leigh-Anne Tyler on the edge of the circle & the GK was called for contact.  In shear frustration the GK kicked the ball away & the penalty was advance to under the post where Leigh-Anne got her shot away to give us the win by 1 goal.

Team: Leigh-Anne Tyler, Emma Williams, Waimarie Marks, Terri Small, Mary Ann Ramsey, Charlene Ponteen, Linda Bertolissio, Tracey Daly

What a day, who would have thought both team would up with the same result.  A great day for New Cambell.

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Just a reminder that club starts back tonight. Seniors you have Met games on Saturday so please check your teams availability asap so we can sort this evening if need be. Lets make it a good turn out for the new year !!
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Incident at Redbridge on Sat …

Just had this email from Yvette, Essex Met Secretary…..
To whom it may concern,
I play for Leyton Netball Club and was running late for a 1.30pm match today. I drove into Redbridge using the lane off Fencepiece Road which takes you directly to the netball courts. As I was driving up the path I had to stop for oncoming vehicles. About 6 or 7 past me as I was stationary. One vehicle however hit me and subsequently drove off. There is a small amount of damage to my vehicle and I would be very grateful if you could circulate this email to all clubs so I can trace the driver if at all possible. The vehicle was a black BMW 1 series I believe and the first 4 characters of the number plate were AK05. The driver was male and I believe he had netball players in his vehicle.
I look forward to hearing from you.
With kind regards,
Patrice Lawrence

If you have any information can you please let me know.

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Red Team Match Report – 10.11.12 v Pettits B

The team for NC Reds this week consisted of;
GK – Lauren Butler, GD – Ellie Cole, WD – Aimee Marshall, C – Lauren Bern, WA – Teigan Moore,
GA – Sophie Rollinson, GS – Hannah King.
Going into the first quarter NC Reds started slow and steady. For the first couple of minutes possession mainly sat with Pettits whom capitalised on this; therefore led the scoring. Something that evidently plagued NC Reds for the rest of the game.
Lauren Bern and Teigan Moore quickly formed new links with GS Hannah King, in which this was her first game for the Reds. Using Hannah’s height to the Reds advantage and Sophie’s accuracy, both girls found the back of the net and the goals slowly crept to a balanced score. Pettits led 9-7.
A nail bitting second quarter saw Aimee apply non stop pressure to her opponent, breaking down a number of the oppositions set plays and converting these interceptions into goals. Sophie had an outstanding quarter where she effortlessly worked the ball back and forth until she found herself into her preferred shooting position. At the end of the 15 minutes both teams’ goals had risen by 10…Pettits still lead the score by 19-17.
Between Lauren, Sophie and Teigan it was decided they needed to rearrange their centre pass formations, in doing this NC Reds mixed up their play nicely in the attacking end. Lauren displayed some beautiful feeding ability into Hannah, who grew in confidence as the game progressed. Ellie and Lauren swapped positions going into this quarter and worked as a unstoppable unit picking up priceless interceptions at the last minute, turning the play back to NC. The game at this point had built up great momentum but NC Reds were still a goal behind, finishing the third quarter 25-24.
With 15 minutes left to play it was crystal clear that all players on court wanted the final score to be in their favour. The NC Reds dug deep and for the first time in the game levelled the score at 30 all. Ellie did an outstanding job of vocally directing the defending ends play, taking real ownership and pivoting play back to NC Reds attacking end. Lauren Butler and Aimee remained a focal supporting unit for the attacking girls, enabling them to replay the ball backwards thus gaining space and time. Within minutes left to play Pettits scored a couple of goals on the trot and reopened to gap, the final score was 35-31 to Pettits.
An unlucky loss for the Reds this week showing that a quick start is most defiantly vital in their future fixtures.
Written by Teigan Moore, WA.

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Green Match Report – 10.11.12 v Essex Open

Team line up – GS Rochelle Rhodes, GA Sam Small, WA Terri Small C Holly Minney WD Sarah Rees, GD Clare Higham, GK Ophelia Dunbar
The green team took to the court this week not really knowing what to expect from Essex Open. Unfortunately we were taking by surprise, the young, lively team seemed to unsettle us and it took a while for us to get into the game. With a few dodgy balls being thrown into the shooting circle, and some missed shots we come off at quarter time a few goals down and in a position we did not expect to be. The second quarter was a little better but we still were not playing our game and come off at half time just 1 goal up.
Things just weren’t working in the attacking circle so some team changes were needed, pulling Ophelia up from defence into the shooting circle the team went back out with Ophelia GS, Roch GA, Holly WA, Sam C, Terri WD, Sarah GD, Clare GK
With some big team changes it took a while to get back settled, the third quarter went goal to goal and was still extremely close as the whistle blew to end the quarter, but we was at last a few goals in the lead. However with some great interceptions by Terri (who was playing out of position) and Sarah and Clare in the defending circle, excellent feeding from holly, and great shooting from Rochelle and Ophelia we managed to pull in out the bag in the last quarter and win by 10, ending at 31-41.
Even though we made hard work of it it was a good win to keep us top of the table…now bring on Manor!!
A big thanks to Terri and Sarah for playing up for us this week!
Written By Sam Small

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