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New Cambell v Raiders – 06.10.12

London South East Regional League Div 2

First quarter GS–Leanne GA–Rochelle WA–Terri C–Sam WD–Keiri GD–Rose GK-Charlene
The second game of the season was proving a problem before the first whistle with some last minute pull outs we were a bare seven. Thankfully Sam agreed to help us out so we had fresh legs on the bench. Cambell went out hard but Raiders gave as good as they got and by the end of the first quarter we were only up by 3. Credit to raiders as they were only playing with 6 players.

Second quarter GS-Rochelle GA-Leanne WA-Terri C-Sam WD-Keiri GD-Charlene GK-Rose
With a switch in the attacking circle Cambell settled down and goals started to flow. Some great runs from Leigh-Ann left Rochelle open for the rest of the attack to feed in. Down at the defending end some tight defending made it difficult for raiders to attack and at the end of the quarter we were up.

Third quarter GS-Rochelle GA-Sam WA-Tracey C-Terri WD-Keiri GD-Charlene GK-Rose
After a half time break we brought on some fresh legs re-arranging the attack. This seemed to bring the best out of the team with some superb flying interceptions from Keri and some sneaky pick-ups from Terri meant that the shooters were inundated with opportunities which they happily utilised. The quarter ended 45-25.

Forth quarter GS-Leanne GA-Sam WA-Tracey C-Terri WD-Keiri GD-Charlene GK-Rose
In the final quarter it was simply a case of keeping our centre passes. Nevertheless the team continued to work hard and push on. The shooters stayed focused and the defence shut down countless attacks from the Raiders with Rose St Louis ending up on the floor a few times. Overall it was a solid team effort and a well deserved win for Cambell.– Final score 54, 32!
Written By Rochelle

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Latest Senior Regional Results …

17.12.11 New Cambell 58 Gems 55.  After trailing for the whole game and at times by 10 or more goals, New Cambell pulled it out the hat to win in the last quarter by 3 !!

07.01.12 New Cambell 37 Whitton 28.  This was a top of the league clash which saw New Cambell take a convincing win.  We are now sitting 2nd in the table.

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New Cambell V Lionhearts 03.12.11

NC senior squad (Charlene, Mary-Ann, Kieri, Emma, Terri, Leanne, Rochelle and Sarah) arrived in Darftord knowing that this away game against London Lionhearts would be tough and physical. Despite losing the toss we went ahead early in the first quarter to take a 9-7 lead, and true to form the Lionhearts defence stepped up the pressure and with timely turnovers they ended the 1st quarter 11-9 ahead.
It was a tight game through the middle phase trading goal for goal- good communication in our defending circle and Sarah’s eye-in allowed us to pull them back and go in 20-all at half time.
Lionhearts were insistent on keeping the pressure on us, with a swap in our attacking mid-court we were able to capitalise on the steals provided by the defensive trio led by Mary-Ann; the 3rd quarter ended 33-29 ahead.
We knew Lionhearts wouldn’t take defeat at home quietly- it was a team effort to lock down their attack in the final quarter only conceding 5 goals- even with the desperate efforts of the London Lionhearts aggressive GK, GD and WD there were not prepared for our own bone-crusher (Terri) we were finally able to breath and demonstrate flair in the attack to take us to a 14-goal victory.
Well done girls!
Thanks to our scorer Mike and our supporters (Fee and Terri’s Mum!)
Final score 48-34 POM Terri
Match Report by Charlene

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Sat 5th Nov:LSER Snr League New Cambell v Comets

We got off to a flying start this week and found ourselves 4 goals up at the end of the first qtr.  There was some great defending from Charlene, Jenny, Jade & Michelle who worked well as a defending unit.  The turnovers were converted to goal & despite some very close marking Leigh-anne managed to get some excellent shots away.
There were a few changes made in the 2nd qtr & the team took a while to settle but unfortunately we lost the 4 goal lead & found ourselves level at 21 goals each.
The third qtr saw us dig deep and although we had great determination we still managed to drop a goal.  That meant it was all on the last qtr !!
We did manage to pull away by 2 goals but due to a couple of errors Comets came back at us & we found ourselves 2 goals down with a munite to go.  We then scored off our centre pass and got a great turnover which was converted to a goal seconds before the whstle went.
Squad Leigh-Anne,  Rochelle,  Sarah, Terri, Michelle, Emma, Jenny & Charlene.
1st qrt 12-8    2nd qrt 9-13    3rd qtr 10-11   4th qtr 11-10 final score 42 all

Quote of the day by Ellie Blackford    “Tracey are you being  Pat today !!!”     Bless her

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New Cambell v Hyde Park 29.10.11

We did not get off to a good start this week .  Hyde Park had a tall GS and despite the excellent work rate of Charlene & Mary it was the accurate  over head feeds that were causing the damage. The attack were also unable to give our shooters enough shooting opportunities and all that combined with some over zealous umpiring decisions we found ourselves 12 goals down !!
The 2nd quarter saw Leigh-Anne come on to GS,  Jenny Blackford move across to GD & Rochelle move to GK !! With Jenny’s experience & Rochelles height & elevation they managed to pick off  & stop many of the feeds going into the GS. We managed to win this quarter by 2 but just could not get enough turnovers throughout the rest of the game to close the gap.  We will get them next time girls !!
Squad: Rochelle, Katie Mc, Leigh-Anne, Terri, Emma W, Emma J, Jenny, Mary, Charlene & Aziza
1st qtr 5-17    2nd qtr 10-8     3rd qtr 6-7     4th qtr 7-8   Final Score 28-40

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Regional Squad 2011-12

Regional Team Sat 29.10.11

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Saturday 15th Snr Regional Match v Poly

A trip across the other side of London in Southgate saw our 3rd match of the season against another well established club Poly.
A good start saw us take the lead by 4 goals and Tracey NC player/manager decided to keep the same team on for the 2nd Q. At half time Poly had pegged the score back to give NC a 3 goal lead. Tracey brought herself on and moved the rest of the players back one position which made the impact that was needed along with a 6 goal lead. With the same team combining well together and some great defending down the court enabled the defences of Mary Ann & Belinda to reap the rewards. Some fast attacking play by the centre court of Michelle, Teri & Tracey enabled the shooters of Rochelle and Leigh Ann plenty of opportunitites to double the margin of winning to 12 goals.
Squad: Rochelle: LeighAnn: Tracey: Teri: Michelle: Jade: MaryAnn: Charlene: Belinda:
Score: 13- 9: 8 – 9:P 11 – 8: 11 – 5: Final Score: 43 – 31

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Saturday 1st October Snr Regional League v Whitton

New Cambell Senior travelled to their first away fixture today to play Whitton from Middlessex.
Although if you take the shortest distance it was only 30 miles but due to the A406 problems this 30 miles took between 2 & 21/2 hours. Fortunately the umpires had a very similar problem – so other teams be aware.
New Cambell had a reasonably good start as they took a 1 goal lead after the 1st quarter. Unfortunately an ankle injury to NC centre meant that team changes had to be made as she was taken off. New Cambell found great difficulty in settling for the rest of the game and went down by 14 goals. Fortunately some great defending down the court but especially in the defending circle where player of the match Charlene managed to turn the ball over on numerous occasions pulled it back in the end and lose by just 10.
Score: 31 – 41:
Squad: Rochelle: Leigh Ann: Tracey: Jade: Aziza: Mary Ann: Ophelia: POM Charlene.
May we thank Whitton’s Physio who came to our aid – you were fantastic. Thanks also to the Umpires – great game.

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