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Jack Petchey was born in the East End of London in July 1925. London. From a background with very few advantages he became a prominent businessman and property developer.

In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, Jack Petchey left the navy and became a clerk. He was told by the personnel officer: “You’ll never make a businessman”. However this discouraging remark did not prevent him from becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Britain!

Although many charitable projects have been supported in recent years, a Charitable Foundation was formed in 1999 to support projects in East London and West Essex. The Achievement Award Scheme enables recognition of the effort, endeavour and achievment of young people in a practical and positive way.

Each season six of our club members are chosen by its members to receive an Award. The winner receives a framed certificate and a cheque (payable to the club) to be spent on a club, or community project, of the recipients choice.

Jack Petchey Winners 2014

Daisy Brabrook

Rosie Brabrook

Victoria Lavender

Jade Cornhill

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Jack Petchey Nomination Form 2011

Please download your NOMINATION FORM for Sept / Oct 2011 NOW

Jack Petchey Nomination Form 2011/12 season

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Jack Petchey Award Winners:

Since 2003 we have been fortunate in having Jack Petchey support our club in recognising the work that has been carried out by our leaders during 2003 – 2006.

The following have been awarded a Jack Petchey Leaders Award:
2003- Dave White: 2004 – Sue Marshall: 2005 – Eleen Paul: 2006 – Jillean Hipsey:

The following members have been awarded a Jack Petchey Achievement Award:
2003 - Katie Nicholls: Aimee Marshall: Ifeoma Okeke: Leanne Moylan:
2003/04 - Jenny Johnson: Sam Small: Michaela Joynes: Louisa Brownfield: Becky Nash: Kelly Johnson: Whitney Campbell: Nicole Borg: Alice Lucy: Belinda King:
2004/05 - Alex Patten: Lucy Pearce: Page Ramsey: Charlotte Allington: Lauren Crago: Jayne Scrimshaw: Elizabeth James: Rebecca Joughin: Tanya Allen: Lydia St Ange: Charlotte Baucutt: Katie McDonald:
2005/06 - Grace Sostman: Keri Talmash: Lauren Allington: LeighAnn Tyler: Holly Nichols: Katie Pidgeon:
2006/07 – Sarah Tibble: Kirsty Fletcher: Laura Hannibus: Kirsty Ann Daly: Oliver Cannon:
2007/08 – Ellen Livett: Lilly Bryant: Sophie Rollinson: Kate Hanshaw: Victoria Shullungu:
2008/09 - Lucy Wells: Jiordan Bob-Semple: Lauren Bryan: Gemma Wiseman: Rochelle Rhodes: Isabella Morgan-Smith:
2009/10 – Paris Rhodes: Jasyme Robinson-Martin: Hannah Philpott: Nicola Leversidge: Audrey Bourn-Enoch:
2010/11 -   Zoe Amansanti: Teigan Moore: Maisie Bruin: Grace Ogenuga: Kirstie Woodgate: Gemma Marshall:
2011/12 -   Dominque Forbes: Leanne Danson: Hannah Batty: Michelle Drayne: Georgina Mortimer: Mica Trangmar
2012/13 – Jess Oshodi: Lauren Doughty:Hannah Roderick: Hannah O: Rosie Brabrook: Holly Baxter
2013/14 – Ellie Clarke: Abbie Burrows: Victoria Lavender: Daisy Brabrook: Jade Cornhill: Chanel Palmer Davis
2014/15 – Ellen Scahill: Chisom Akurienne: Georgia Lees: Emma Thorogood: Rebecca Murphy: Funmi Fafoju
2015/16 – Francesca Stanford: Jacqueline Montague: Ellie Blundell: Danielle Vann: Erin Jones: Annie Maguire
2016-17 – Libby Bragger: Olivia Maynard: Katie Perry: Jessica Grove: Charlotte Hind: Camillia Mpaki
2017-18 -Mikki Austin: Rebecca Troubridge: Ivana Jako: Monaishah Noronha: Sally Ann Smith: Amber Weller
2018-19 – Ellie Gibbons: Connie Hatcher: Ella Hales: Kaci Singer: Beth Dix: Daisy Harrison-Constantinides
2019-20 –

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Jack Petchey Award September Winner: Lucy Wells

Lucy always attends training and tries her best in all aspects of the game. She is always the first to encourage her team mates, especially these past few years having been named Captain.

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