NC : Essex Met Reports

Essex Metropolitan League played on Saturdays at Redbridge. New Cambell fields 6 senior teams and two youth teams that play in the Senior Leagues. Our junior teams play in the Essex Met Junior Leagues.

Quiz Night

Quiz night will be on 29th November at Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre.

7.45pm – 11pm

Teams of 6/7 Cost £5.00 Each  We need 10 teams.

Food & Drink to be purchased from the bar.

Please let Jillean or Tracey know if you are able to bring a team.

We are expecting atleast 1 table from EACH team.

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Essex Met News Letter

Below is the link for Essex Met October Newsletter for your information.

Here you will find details of Umpire courses & U12 Project, plus much more.

Happy Reading.

Essex Met Newsletter Oct 13

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Trial Forms & dates for your diary

Trial forms & fixture list have now been emailed.  Please let me know if you didn’t get one so I can add you to my mailing list.

You can also download the forms form here or New Cambell group page on Facebook.

New Cambell 2013- 14 trial form

Overall Calender

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Wendy Hale Memorial Rally – 29.06.13

This years Wendy Hale Memorial Rally will be held on Saturday 29th June 2013.

The venue is Robert Clack Leisure Centre, Gosfield Road, Dagenham, Essex.

Cost £35 per team.

Games start 10am with Presentations approx 3pm

Please download entry form below if you wish to enter a team.

Wendy Hale Memorial Rally Entry Form 2013 

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Senior Training

Just a reminder there is SENIOR training tomorrow night from 8.00pm as we have Essex Met League Matches on Saturday for all teams. Please make sure you are all there.

15.00 Greens v Manor A:
15.00 Whites v Saphire A:
13.30 Red v Romford C:
13.30 Purples v Foresters Red 1:
12.00 Blues v Ilford 1:
12.00 Silvers v Salisbury Ladies 1:
10.30 Oranges v Island 1:
C U All at training tomorrow

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No training tonight as its half term. 19.02.13

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Match Report – Reds V Salisbury Ladies

Saturdays game saw New Cambell Reds meet Salisbury Ladies for the second time this season. The Reds remembered their last encounter was close (Salisbury Ladies won by 1 goal!); so the team sprung into action as soon as the whistle blew. Making up this week’s team was: GS – Lorna Duley, GA – Lauren Doughty, WA – Teigan Moore, C – Lauren Bern, WD – Polly Boardman, GD – Hannah O & GK – Nicola Leversidge
The first quarter saw Hannah & Nicola, already warmed up from their previous game, work their defending magic; nullifying the oppositions opportunity to score with a number of greatly timed interceptions. Nicola marked her GS at times so brilliantly and communicated with Hannah so well that the ball quickly found its way out of the circle.
At the opposite end, Lorna & Lauren quickly built on this and the Reds had a strong goal lead, every shot converted into a goal. It was the Reds strongest quarter to date, a great achievement so far. 
The score was NC:14 – SL: 3. 
Going into the second quarter the Reds were quietly confident with the lead they had built.
During a number of the oppositions centre passes the Reds defending line applied such intense pressure that a number of interceptions were picked up by Lauren, Hannah and Polly.
On occasions the pressure to the line left the Salisbury’s Centre only one option; to reverse the direction of the ball. At this point the attacking end were ready pounce, Teigan timed a number of interceptions perfectly along with shutting down the Center’s passes with some man to man marking tips off the ball.
Collectively the hard work of the centre court players converted these interceptions into goals. At half time the reds had added 18 goals to their lead.
The score was NC:32 – SL:7
The Reds noticed a change in formalities in the opposition, they had changed some players around in the hope to bridge the gap. 
The Reds found themselves using every player on court to bring the ball into Lauren and Lorna. A number of safe passes between Hannah, Polly and Teigan were formed, which built little space – but retrained possession; as at this point the threat of Salisbury ladies finding the back of the net consistently was a known presence. In terms of goals per quarter it was a frightfully even draw, both scoring 8 goals each. Recognizing this was our weakest quarter – the Reds needed to refocus during half time.  
The score was NC:40 – SL:15.
With what seemed to be a dip in performance for the Reds in the 3rd quarter, the Reds were eager to stepped it up a gear again. 
Spectacular simultaneous play from Hannah & Nicola who used some zoning tactics saw them dominate the oppositions third of the court. They successfully broke down an number of passes when the opposition where building their play.
Polly created a number of clever diversions and brilliantly picked off some vital balls being sent from one side of the circle to the other which was exciting to witness.
Teigan displayed some terrific agility in the air, challenging her opposition in receiving some great balls from her team mates, she again seized the moment and intercepted play on the counter attack which swiftly found the shooters in superb positions to score from.
Lauren’s indispensable speed helped quickly bring the ball down the court where a number of flawless direct balls made their way into the circle.
As soon as the ball was safe in Lorna and Laurens hands, the rest of the court watched on with great excitement, some spectacular goals were scored in the final quarter by both the shooters; a truly thrilling hour of netball to watch and demonstrated some wonderful skill from the Reds.
The final score was NC:50 – SL:23
Written by Teigan Moore, WA

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For those of you who have been waiting ages for kit you will be pleased to know I am now ready to place an order. (normally takes 6 weeks to get here)
If there is anyone that needs kit please fill in an order form & give it to me tomorrow with the appropriate funds. Otherwise you may not get your kit ordered until 31st October 2013 in the next proposed cut off date.

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