So New Cambell has just reached 60,
Therefore ‘New’ must now be called ‘Old’
Some founding members have aged a lot
All that playing outside in the cold…

With not a functioning knee between them
Or fingers with joints that aren’t sore
We would still beat all our opponents
But spending most of the time on the floor!

We remember the days of National Clubs
When we battled it out and we fought
But an hour before, we were ‘all hands on deck’
Shovelling snow off the netball court

Jillean and Pat Watson- still going?
As heroes they’re truly unsung
Fifty-odd years of giving their all
How come they look so bloody young??

“Our Alice” is no longer with us
To join in and give us the ‘eye’
We all know that she will be watching,
Up there, from that great netball sky.

Whatever the decade you played in,
You battled with all of your might
Proud to be part of New Cambell,
In our colours of Maroon and white.

So come on our members young and old
To our Club, let us raise a large glass
To those here, or no longer with us
To our Cambell, long may it last

Xx Lynn and Moira xx

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